Boom! Headshots! - Darah Soria
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Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | KAUZ CBS: Sarah Davis

I am a photographer in Fort Collins, CO and I also provide services in Denver and Boulder, CO. I'm a little bit cooler than most photographers, because I am weird and quirky. I make people laugh by way of sarcasm and terrible jokes - or by tickling you. Just kidding, I won't tickle you. But I will make you smile legitimately and look fantastic.

Hire me for all of your photographer needs: headshots, family portraits, product photography and more. Save when you book for large professional groups that need photography.

Getting pictures sucks, I get it. I'm camera shy AF too - but I make people feel like super models. That's why I'm a super pro. Snapchat and Instagram filters don't got poo on my editing skills and techniques. So yeah. Let's get you in front of my lens!

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From Sarah | Fort Collins, CO Business Headshots Photographer