Secret Life - Darah Soria
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The Shadowkeeper - [Fort Collins, CO]+[Fine Art Photographer]

Has my life become a dream? Has this dance with the dead truly offered me a taste of malice to the point that I want to taste revenge once more? Or maybe am I still here but hardly noticed? This is where I've grown comfortable - amongst the ghosts, the demons and the supernatural. The shadowkeeper was right. I have set myself free. I am not afraid to enjoy life. I am not afraid of the shadows. There is a fire in me that lights up the depths of hell that exist within my own soul. I am more free than I have ever been, more adored than anyone on earth has ever made me feel. It was the demons who showered me with affection. They built me up when the church had told me they would do nothing but break me down. They offered their hands to lead me through dark forests fearlessly. They offered a storm to destroy my competition, and then tossed me a lifeboat to keep me from drowning. They didn't open the gates of heaven to let me in. They opened the gates of hell to let me out.

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From INFJ Photography | Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer