Secret Life - Darah Soria
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Dreamer - Obscurities [Fort Collins]+[Photographer]+[Fine Art]

How can a life such as this be real? How is it possible for Alicia down the street to live in a big house with wealthy parents that make her feel safe? How is it possible for you to live in a small house, to be pimped out to grown men, and for you to sit idly by? I still dream of the days when mother still wanted me and when she would keep me in the bed to sleep with her at night. I dream of the nights Philip would take me to the lake and teach me to fish so that he could sneak away with Frederico to kiss in the woods. I dream the sweet dreams until they turn to nightmares as I, a young girl, am pressed into a mattress violently by a man with a thirst for the innocence of young girls.

But my dreams don't stop there. If I close my eyes I can be back at the lake, instead of here.

Please come home, my brother. Return to the land of the living and rescue me from this nightmare.

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