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[Fort Collins]+[Fine* Art*] - Photographer - INFJ

Fort Collins, CO - This project is based on the Meyer Briggs' sixteen personalities. I am not a huge fan of the Meyer Briggs, however what I *AM* a fan of is Jungian cognitive function theory. This theory tells us of two output methods of cognitive functions:
Extraverted or External
Internal or Introverted

These two misunderstood cognitive outputs, however, do not just mean people "get their energy from being alone" or "being around people." Rather, an introverted ego means that it is hard to detect, while an extraverted ego is more obvious. People recognize an extraverted output for different cognitive functions more easily than others.

The INFJ, in dichotomies, stands for "Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging."

Remove those, however.

An INFJ's cognitive functions typically work in the following order:
Introverted Intuition (Ni) - Primary cognitive function - Used to process information
Extraverted Feeing (Fe) - Secondary cognitive function - Used to make decisions
Introverted Thinking (Ti) - Tertiary cognitive function - Used to process information
Extraverted Sensing (Se) - Inferior Function - Used to make decisions

Extraverted Intuition (Ne)
Introverted Feeling (Fi)
Extraverted Thinking (Te)
Introverted Sensing (Si)

The top four functions work to support one another. The primary function, Ni, has to do with analysis and collecting tiny bits of detailed information throughout each minute of the day, which are later on subconsciously used. This information is what makes the INFJ seem "psychic" or like they just know things (Ni, or intuition.) They are natural problem solvers a lot of the time and are fierce with technicalities with the information that is collected. The INFJ first and foremost JUST KNOWS how other people feel or how their actions and others' actions may affect another person's feelings. The INFJ is excellent at reading people, and a healthy and mature INFJ can also pickup on signals from people which are negative, like manipulation tactics, gaslighting and other abusive or hurtful behaviors.

The INFJ's tertiary, or third function, is Ti (Introverted Thinking.) Introverted thinking is what makes an INFJ objective thinkers and furthers their ability to solve problems. This function comes in to play when their intuition seems out of whack, and when they don't just inherently know the answer to something. The INFJ's final and fourth cognitive function is Se. This cognitive function is considered their "inferior", because it is the last to develop in a healthy INFJ. This function is used as last resort, and can cause a lot of stress within the INFJ. Se stands for Extraverted Sensing, which uses the world around the INFJ to make decisions. Because this is a decision-making function, it can mean that the INFJ becomes overwhelmed when too many choices are laid out in front of them - for example a grocery store that no longer stocks the product that they are used to buying and having to choose something new; or visiting a new grocery store. Traffic is another great example where an INFJ may feel extremely overwhelmed by the amount of people, the sounds of people honking their horns and people's reckless behaviors on the road.

INFJs are typically very caring people to those they are close with, but may seem aloof and unaware to others. They focus their energy on the people they are close with, and may not make time for people whom they do not share a bond with. The INFJ serves as an excellent friend and is usually readily available to listen to the thoughts of their friends, partners and children. Their weak side may be irresponsibility if they do not have enough structure. They are typically said to be artists - using their Ni to just remember fine details and their Fe to show emotion through anyone but their own persona, as they do not show their emotions readily.

Rather they focus in on the feelings of others and serve as extremely caring individuals who are willing to make sacrifices for those they care about.

This is actually a self portrait. I am an artist, a photographer, a friend, a mother and I feel extreme devotion to those I care for. Everyone else: I would say I just don't care unless they are one of the underdogs. ;-)

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