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Becoming a better photographer doesn't require college classes, but it does require dedication and overcoming a learning curve. The classes I offer cover enough material to transform your work from amateur to advanced or from advanced to professional.

The first class is offered to enlighten students in the realm of fine art photography, and is appropriate for hobbyists. It is shot only at a specific focal length and ISO to ease learning and promotes practice over perfection.

The second class is recommended for advanced photographers, and photographers who have attended the first module who are interested in fine-tuning their work with color photography and advanced portraiture. It allows the opportunity

Classes include snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic) and an eBook with the materials covered in class to use as a reference guide after the class.

prefer to learn the basics on your own?

In addition to classroom instruction, I offer techniques to photographers who have an interest in fine art photography. That includes techniques that have been used throughout the ages by professional photographers from all over the world. No need to have a DSLR for some of these lessons - use them on Instagram, Facebook or whatever medium you are using. All of this information is offered **COMPLETELY FREE**, because I believe photography is something that should be enjoyed by ALL PEOPLE. The thought that information should not be free is silly, outdated and pretentious.

So please, internet people, by all means check out each post individually, or download the eBook that is used with the first classroom lesson that I offer.

What's Covered

Lesson 1: Transforming Your Work Into Fine Art

Shooting in manual: How to balance shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and using manual focus.
Basic Editing: Black and white only, Lightroom basics
Framing and Photo Composition: What makes pictures timeless
Natural Lighting Techniques: How to make use of the light around you
Portraiture Basics: Types of portraiture & proper posing of people

Lesson 2: Portraiture & Color

Color Photography: Color theory and editing
Light Tricks for Human Subjects
Portraiture: Face, environmental & eye edits
Controlled Lighting: How and when to use it
Challenging Subjects: Camera shyness, tension, kids, animals & events

Lesson 3: Professional Necessities

Using Your Talent
Starting a Portfolio: Your first ongoing project
SEO: Building a Blog
SEO: Why photography websites are the hardest to optimize
SEO: How to overcome SEO challenges as a photographer
Basic Marketing: Events, social media, advertising, selling prints, stock photography

Pricing & Location

Each lesson is $175, and is due at the time of signup to retain a spot in the classroom.

Class fee is fully refundable in the event that the instructor must cancel the lesson.

$100 from the retainer is refundable in the event that a student cannot attend. The remaining $75 is reserved as a cancellation fee, and may be put towards attending a future lesson.

Required Materials

Included With Lesson

Light snacks
Non-alcoholic beverages
Learning space
Photography subjects
eBook with classroom highlights

Required Materials Not Included

Laptop or All-in-one Computer
Lightroom subscription
Camera and lenses
6 hours of free time

The Instructor

The instructor has an educational and professional background in both photography and business. Her education began at a private fine arts high school where she began shooting with film. Her education continued through Front Range Community College and Texas A&M. Previously the marketing director of an economic development organization, she had continued to expand her skills in photography through school and real life experience as an entrepreneur. She has now served hundreds of clients since her business launched 5 years ago.

She has been awarded for her fine arts work and has previously worked for, and been featured in, various publications. She has experienced failure, success and growth in multiple ventures and is eager to share her experience with hobbyists, enthusiasts, advanced learners and other professionals.

You can call her Darah. :-)

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