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Getting headshots taken is useful for models, professionals, seniors and those looking to update their dating profile pictures. I offer reasonable packages, and payment plans for each pricing option that I offer. If you are looking to save a bit more money, and you are getting professional headshots or senior portraits then I also have options for buddy (shared!) sessions. 

Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | KAUZ CBS: Sarah Davis
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8 Images: $225

This session is short and generally only takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It does not include a location or outfit change. 8 images is plenty for you to use to update your LinkedIn profile, business card or website. This set can also be used for senior portraits for those who don't feel like they need a whole bunch of pictures, and just want a couple to choose from, but still want enough flexibility to choose their favorite image.

12 Images: $300*

This session includes one outfit change and one location change. Great option for people who want senior portraits and want to get their portraits taken, and also have a few for mom and dad to hang on the wall. 

18 Images: $375*

This session includes unlimited outfit changes and location changes.

This option is excellent for models, boudoir sessions, dating profile pictures, or seniors who want a lot more pictures to choose from and a lot of pictures for mom and dad to hang on the wall. This is great for models who are trying to build their portfolio and don't currently have a lot of stuff to go off of. Some may want to shoot in their homes, for which I have portable studio equipment for, hotels or bounce around town finding all of the best murals out there!


Fort Collins, CO Headshots Photographer | Color Run: Amy Keeter
Amazing Fort Collins, CO Photographers - Brad McRae; Ph.D. Northern Arizona University
Senior Pictures Photographer in Fort Collins, CO | Kelsey Straw

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