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What's up, Fort Collins?! I'm a photographer situated right here in Fort Collins and I take pictures of people for them to add to their dating app profiles, and I even design profiles for people! It's been a little while, but I am still pretty familiar with the dating scene in the area, and I've done my own experimenting on dating apps and listened to the feedback of others!

I help my clients by providing them with dating profile pictures. They are similar to headshots, but often more candid. The reason candid works better is because using pictures that are too good on dating apps may cause your viewers to believe you are a spam bot or con artist. 

Women, however, are the opposite. They want to know what you have to say AND see great pictures. If you're not sure what to say, and you live in Fort Collins there are a few faux pas to watch out for that may lower your chances of getting liked.

Your dating profile needs to have pictures of you that are better than anywhere else. I specialize in men's portraits as well, which can be more difficult to get decent photos of.

pictures are the key to success on dating apps

Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | Wilhelmina Modeling: Damien Pottinger
Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Model Photographer | Penny Lane

If you really want to succeed when it comes to dating, then you can hire me to take your pictures. Apps like Tinder and Bumble centrally focus on your images and make the verbiage in your profile secondary. Because of this, it is essential that you have bangin' profile pictures that make it impossible to swipe left on you. 

Don't get me wrong, you still need to have a great introduction too. Which is why I provide dating profile ghostwriting and services to people along with dating profile photography. 

women's portraits

Fort Collins, CO Headshots Photographer | Color Run: Amy Keeter
Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Model Photographer | Kimberly Roswell

Men look at different things than women when they are deciding whether or not they will swipe right. They look at your pictures before personality. It's similar to being in a bar. If a guy sees a hot woman sitting in the corner alone, he's more likely to come and talk to her because of the fact that she is attractive, rather than because she looks like she might have a great personality. This makes good pictures essential for women. 

I consult with all of my clients to determine what they believe their best photogenic qualities are while still keeping in mind what guys are looking for on those apps.

men's portraits

Fort Collins, Northern Colorado Model Photographer | Devon Asiago Fish

I would consider myself a veteran to the dating app world. I've spent a great deal of time on them, researching and doing a little bit of dating myself. Indeed, it can feel like a hopeless world out there. Believe me - been there, done that. For women, photographs are secondary to the introduction in your profile, but that doesn't mean your pictures don't matter. You've gotta show that you have style, and find a way to make your pictures stand out some. 

When women are looking at pictures, they look at attraction, sure. They are carefully looking at everything in your photograph from the way you look to what is in the background.

you still have to have some selfies on your profile for it to be good

...which is what I am also going to help you take a couple of selfies during our session. I will pick the best lighting and best backgrounds for you to have, and make sure you are taking your pictures at a few different angles. Sounds really weird, right?! It is a little strange, but I want to see you succeed and get all of the dates. 


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