Obscurities - Darah Soria

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To know the devil is to know yourself.

to: beautiful you

to: beautiful you - "obscurities" | pics by darah - fort collins fine art photographer

"To: Beautiful You,

"...Do not be afraid of knowledge. Never denounce critical thinking and uniqueness, or being one of the weird ones. Science will never be obsolete. Inspiration and faith are putrescible. Reality does not come from a fictitious book of myths and fairy tales.

"Go out and seek truth and justice. Fight for the underdogs and never fear being an anomaly."

"Be unapologetic in your pursuit. Find your true self, and don't ever let ANYONE tear you away from being your idiosyncratic or awkward person.

"Just be free to be you.

"Because you are perfectly you when you are you. You are beautiful.

"You are beautiful, because you are you."

With undying love,

devils disguised as humans

Devils Disguised As Humans - Obscurities - Fine Art Photographer
His smile was both sinister and playful.

He said, "Maybe we aren't so different from the devil afterall: cast out by the religious zealots. They're afraid of us because they don't understand us. And maybe...just maybe...we don't have to hate who we are or fear who we are, just because everyone else does. Just love who you are, ya know? Fuck 'em.

"Be your quixotic and extraordinary self; full of darkness, depth and chaos.

"For we're merely devils disguised as humans."

the invitation

The Invitation - Obscurities - [Fort Collins]+[Fine Art]+[Photographer]

"Care to join the rest of us?" A voice quietly asked.

"I'm ready to go with you," The boy knew it was time. "I'm no longer afraid the netherworld or my own darkness."

"Well, today you're in luck. It's your turn to dance with the dead," The voice whispered.

to know the devil

"Just know: an invitation to dance with the dead is not for the faint of heart. For when you agree to dance with the dead, you agree to a relationship with the devil himself. 

"And to know the devil is to know yourself."

I reached out my hand to her, "Care to dance?"

o'holy night

o'holy night - "obscurities" | pics by darah - fort collins fine art photographer


"O'Holy Night" murmured from the Nativity display as the sounds of sirens off in the distance slowly closed in, inaudible and discerned by the ringing in their ears from the 12 guage shotgun that took my life.

"Our frantic aunt followed behind in her wood-paneled station wagon, a cigarette dangling from her quivering, speechless lips. She hurried the small girl into her car and drove them to her dingy 400-square-foot apartment, chain smoking and without saying a word. When they arrived she made an attempt at conversation, but my name and her thoughts were lost by incoherent drunkenness. As the little girl tried to listen, her eyes started to roll into the back of her head, and they readied each other for the most restless sleep they would experience in their lives. They curled up together like a pair of wolves on dirty, whiskey stained and cigarette burned couch. They forgot about me entirely. My aunt, because of the whiskey. My sister, because of the looming question any seven year old would be asking:

Will we still get to open our presents tomorrow?

a haiku: follow your dreams

Dreamer - Obscurities [Fort Collins]+[Photographer]+[Fine Art]

You are a dreamer.

Follow your dreams tonight,

Even your nightmares.

Night after night she woke up inflicted with anguish to night terror after bloody night terror. But tonight she felt the presence of something or someone whom she could not see in the dead of the night.

"Are you there?" She asked.

She felt him as he gently stroked her cheek, and then he vanished. For the first time since she could remember she felt soothed, and she entered a peaceful rest.


Obscurities - You are Otherworldly - Fort Collins Photographer - Fine Art -

The next night he returned to her, and as she dreamed he whispered in her ear: "You are otherworldly." 

She awoke and softly chirped his name, no louder than a mouse. 

"You've come back. But where are you?" With that he faded back into the shadows.

chase your demons

"Stop running away.

"Chase your demons instead.

"We're ready to play."


Come With Me - Fort Collins, CO - [Obscurities]+[Fine Art Photographer]

"Why are you crying?" He asked with boisterous confidence and ominous delight. She knew he was near, but he was nothing more than a voice and a shadow.

"I am alone," She said.

"That's not true. I'll always return to you. I've been here this whole time. You have a beautiful, dark aura. Yet you try to stay in the light, and that's what makes it hard for me to see you. It keeps us separated. Come into the shadows with me. You belong here."

enter: darkness

The Shadowkeeper - [Fort Collins, CO]+[Fine Art Photographer]

"But who are you?" She asked.

"I'm the one who offers you a hand and leads you through dark forests. I construct beautiful, relentless storms and I help you to destroy your violators. In times of hopelessness through these storms I am the one who throws you a lifeboat and gently pushes you to continue when you feel like you can't make it any farther.

"I am darkness," He replied.

"I am a part of you....

"I am your darkness. Join me."

It was an offer she could not resist.

the arms of misery

[Fort Collins Fine Art Photographer]+[Obscurities] - River Monster -

She was jubilant in her discovery. With this new friend she could escape the arms of misery and once again learn to embrace darkness; fearlessly and without hesitation.

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dance with the dead

[Fort Collins Photographer]+[Obscurities] - Fort Collins Fine Art Photographer

"Care to dance?" He asked.

Without a moment's notice she threw herself to the void.

And they danced an eternity together.

darkly me

Darkly Me - [Fort Collins]+[Fine Art]+[Photographer]

It is here that I want to be -
Darkly me.

I entered the darkness without fear, and when I return to the light it is because I have willed it so. The darkness - my darkness - is a gift. They say that the light and the dark must be balanced, but it is the depths of this iniquity that keeps me sane...

I never want to leave, as I have found strength through odiousness.

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