Fogel | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer - Darah Soria
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Wichita Falls Photographer

Rest in Peace, Spice and we are at least happy that you had a peaceful journey across the Rainbow Bridge. The Fogels have invited me to create images for them during two of their pup's end of life circumstances. Spice, the black and white Aussie who is front and center was laid to rest on September 9th 2015. They say photographers are supposed to separate emotion from their work, but for me that is too hard to do. I reminisced on Rocket's session from a year before in which he went out for a final photography session with his owners and the children. I cried for Rocket and I indeed cried for Spice. It's too hard not to, knowing what heartbreak is in store for the family members.

From Spice's mama Libbie:
"It was a gorgeous early autumn morning. Spice ate some scrambled eggs, homemade apple bread, and a/d. Maddie and Camille gave her lots of hugs and kisses. We loaded everyone up as we have surely hundreds of times before. Drop off at school was, not surprisingly, more tearful than usual. Then we picked up our sweet friend Renea Edmondson and took the Aussies to Spice's favorite place. She wandered in and out of the sun-dappled shade below gorgeously scented pine trees next to the peacefully flowing Poudre River. When we were all ready, we helped her beautiful, tough, and most of all loving spirit fly free. Thank you to all who have loved her. Sonja Jo Roberts-Hahn who entrusted her precious life to me all those years ago. Tammy Romatko who taught us agility and groomed her so perfectly - especially for our wedding. Irma Ramirez for loving her and helping to care for her in the last few years. Leticia Gonzalez and Lissa Nicole and Ryan Flynn for pet sitting and loving her. Lindsey Fry, Tara Britt and Karen Hilling for keeping her happy and healthy as long as we could. Most of all to my incredible husband Rick Klomhaus who has loved her with all his heart and has always always been there for her. And all our family and friends who have shared Spice's journey in ways big and small. Love is eternal. I know that someday I will hold her close and kiss her perfect pointy nose again." - September 9th, 2015