Cheyanne | Fort Collins, CO Children's Portraits Photographer - Darah Soria
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[Fort Collins Photographer]+[Obscurities] - Fort Collins Fine Art Photographer

I don't want to be in this world anymore. I want to be in the world Phillip promised to me. The one where monsters aren't to be feared. Rather, he said, they are embraced. I, being a monster, could feel loved for the first time. I know where I will fit in. It's with the demons who have protected me all this time. It's with the demons who tell me that the cake tastes good, and to take a few more bites. The ones who tell me to be proud of the woman I am becoming. It's the demons who tell me to dress pretty, and kick the boy who tries to kiss me when I don't want it. They are the ones who offer me a place of belonging.

They told me to dance with the dead and not to fear them.

So Philip and I danced.

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