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If you have questions then you have come to the right spot. Whether it's just general questions or you are just looking to schedule an appointment, I can be reached via Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media in the links below. 

Or, if you prefer the more old fashioned approach, you can reach me through email using the contact form on this page or with a call or a text.

Please note, emails may take up to 24 hours to receive a response, as it is an unmonitored inbox and my business is a one-woman show.

the fastest way to reach me is by Facebook Messenger, Snapchat or a text message.


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Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions. While this website is devoted to educating other photographers, it is also a business that I operate locally in the Northern Colorado region.

how much does photography cost?

My services start at $125 for portraiture. A $125 deposit is required in order to reserve time on my calendar. That $125 is then put towards 1 picture from your session, with the option to purchase more photos as well. Aside from the $125 deposit you have control over how much my services cost, as you may purchase pictures on demand.

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do you offer any other services besides photography?

The services that I offer can be broken down into two separate categories:

Ghostwriting & SEO and Photography. 

Ghostwriting is typically done in conjunction with product photography or business headshots for businesses who plan to use their photos for their websites, social media and other digital services, or business owners who are looking for a kickstart to their business.

do you teach classes?

Yes, I do. I teach classes and lessons in small group environments, but more often than not I teach them one-on-one. Additionally, I encourage my readers to take advantage of my free online learning module which contains guides and photo challenges to beginner photographers.

how far in advance do i need to book an appointment with you?

Please schedule at least two weeks in advance. However, if you are in a hurry (e.g. running late for senior portraits, having a boss give you a stringent deadline, etc.) I can occasionally accommodate this with a rush fee of $25 (covers the cost of childcare and other things which may come up.)

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what can i expect before, during and after my session?

Before the session, I will cover outfit planning, location planning and give you a bit of other information. In outfit planning, I typically direct my clients to my blog where I offer tips on how to dress, what colors to choose and how best to determine a location for your set.

During your session you can expect a few outfit changes - wear a tanktop underneath your actual outfit - an up to two additional location changes, sometime during the early evening, unless you are choosing to have the images taken at your home.

After the session, I will spend about two weeks editing photos. During this time, I take care of skin and eye re-touching and cleaning up anything that may have missed in pictures during your shoot. After I am done editing, I will contact you with a link to a private gallery where you can choose photos from my website where you can choose which images you would like to purchase in digital or hard printed format.

help! i don't know how to do my makeup and i always look bad in pictures!

Alright so first of all you probably don't even look bad in your pictures.

Second of all, yes! I help with makeup (only upon request) and part of my job is to show you how to pose and to know how lighting can alter the appearance of a person's body and features. In other words: I make people look good.

do you ever offer trades for other services?

In some instances I may offer trade to other local service providers (e.g. mechanics, hair stylists, other photographers, childcare, restaurants and so forth.) 

If you are a model and you are highly experienced, I may offer time and talent for portfolio items. For models just beginning, I recommend The Modeling & Photography TFP Exchange group on Facebook where there are amateur photographers and models who will often work together.

do you offer wedding photography?

Yes, and no! I have an AMAZING friend in the biz who loves shooting weddings. I will always recommend him, and he is a fantastic, and talented photographer. I would never recommend anyone otherwise. I personally do not have time to include this as a service, and to be blunt about it: I don't enjoy it. So I recommend finding someone who does, and Ryan Faulker is at the very top of my list. Contact me for referrals.

what areas do you offer your services in?

Okay, I know it's confusing: you searched for a photographer in Wichita Falls, and I appeared in the search, or you searched in Wichita, Kansas or perhaps Fort Collins, CO. I used to live in Wichita Falls, TX which was when I had actually done work there. I have since moved back to Fort Collins and I provide services in the following cities, and within a 50 mile radius:

Fort Collins, CO
Loveland, CO
Longmont, CO
Boulder, CO

what are all of the photography services that you offer?

I offer services which are both b2b and personal. Personal services utilize a different payment option than b2b services where clients may simply pay a nominal fee as a deposit and pay per image. My B2B pricing model varies *with the exception of business headshots* which follows personal services pricing guidelines. Some industries may be eligible for free photography services. For industries which are not included, my clients pay me per hour for events/PR or per item for product.


 seniors - children - dating app pics


events - public relations - product/storefront
professional business headshots

what is ghostwriting & what services do you offer with it?

I offer ghostwriting which is also divided into two different categories: B2B and personal services. Personal services typically do not require as much effort as B2B services and are usually one-time services. B2B typically involves a different kind of contract with a timeline and plan which I put together for clients.

As a ghostwriter, I do not demand or ask for credit for the work that I do. Instead I write on your behalf as if I do not even exist. I have done this for everyone from CEOs to municipalities to businesses that are just starting up in niche markets.

All services are 100% confidential, however I can be contacted for samples of writing and quotes.


homepage analysis - homepage & global optimization - copywriting - blog writing - ebooks - email marketing - product & video descriptions


resume writing - dating app design

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