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I am sure you are expecting me to say that I own this business because I am blessed, except that is not the reason. I am not blessed. I have worked hard to achieve my goals, and I have poured my heart and soul into this business with the will to win. I started "pics by darah" on my own (originally Darah Soria Photography), without the help of anyone. I come from an atypical background and was brought up through the foster care system, making this a true bootstrap business. I have never known wealth, and I do not care to. I have been the only one to invest my time or money into it, minus a few temps that have helped along the way. I started it while I was working 2 other jobs and going to school for a bachelor's degree in business. My studies have included marketing, advertising and economic development.

My Sidekicks

I have boldly gone against the grain as a photographer - not adhering to fads or trends in composition or editing - I prefer vintage. I am the single mother of two rad kids who have encouraged me to keep this business going even when, at times, I have felt like throwing in the towel. They are as much a part of this business as I. 

I have been capturing the lives of people for just about 16 years with a small break in between. I am a bit on the quirky side, but I provide a service that is unmatched by a lot of my competitors, because I bring those idiosyncrasies to photoshoots, ensuring that your final product is unique. 

I have photographed everything from births, major events, weddings, portraits, models & celebrities, big businesses and small families. Through ownership of this business, I have been fortunate enough to meet a wide variety of people, whom I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to meet, and it has been a success in not one, but two different cities: Fort Collins, CO and Wichita Falls, TX. 


I have been excited to expand my scope of services and provide support to people as a contracted ghostwriter and SEO manager  - SITE COMING SOON!

These are 3 other things I thoroughly enjoy and have a wealth of knowledge about!


In my personal life I enjoy spending my evenings on Reddit, studying oddities and the occult, video games of all kinds, and relaxing with a nice, dark dystopian, historical fiction or scifi novel. I'm not that exciting of a person, but I suppose the INFJ category of the Meyer-briggs test sums me up pretty well. I'm awkward, I'm quirky and I am a proponent of living a sober lifestyle.

The video games you'll find me playing most often are Overwatch, Destiny 2, Horizon Zero Dawn (Platinum PS Trophy, baby!), Fallout 4 (Also Platinum'd) and Dark Souls 3 - "GET GUD, SCRUB."

I'm looking forward to adding some Twitch and YouTube gameplay videos to the blog one of these days as well.

Word up. ;-)

Assistant / Internet Ghost

Keerthi Khatri



"Darah came to the rescue! Her hours avail are 24hrs and so happy they were! Less than 19hrs to our daughter's wedding and our booked photographer was no where to be found. From our 1st conversation she was so helpful, recommending others to help us too. Honest. Professional. Fair. So happy our paths crossed! Thank you!"

GiGi Buentipo Rhoten | Dallas, TX

"Darah took our family photos and cake smash pictures for my twins! Very professional pictures and editing was great! If you want cheap fast pictures use a selfie stick because you won't get those with Darah! She has pride in her work and won't be rushed! Being family it still took 8 weeks which is standard for professionally good edited pictures."

Amber Hall | Dallas, TX

"Darah Soria really has a very unique and captivating style..."

Ann Costello-Edmunds  | Cheyenne, WY

"We began working with Darah when she reached out to us to volunteer some time to take photos of the dogs in the rescue to help increase adoptions. Darah was wonderful with the dogs, so patient and made sure they were comfortable during the shoot. And the photos she took were amazing! Her services definitely helped us increase adoptions! We could not recommend her services more!

Sarah Stiles | Director A Soft Place to Land | Fort Collins, CO

"I would recommend Darah, and have a few times! She was fun, flexible and a real pleasure to work with. My family has a really busy schedule, and she was willing to meet with short notice, on New Year's Day for a photoshoot in the snow. It was one of the greatest family photo sessions I've ever had."

Talissa Hershberger | Loveland, CO

"Thank you so much for the shoot this morning. I am so excited - can't wait to see the photos! Somehow I spend more time photographing my fosters, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to feature my family!!"

Lynn Marie Cecere | Fort Collins, CO

"We got our photo canvas in the mail with one if the pictures [Darah] took of Gio and it is amazing! Thank you so much for doing both shoots with us!"

Shauna Young | Fort Collins, CO

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