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product photography & ghostwriting - together at last!

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Looking for me? Okay, so maybe not me specifically, but you are looking for a product and business photographer, and we just might be a great fit! It happens more than you would think: you need to find a decent product description writer who understands how key-wording & various sales platforms work. You have taken pictures of all of your product, but the pictures are... subpar at best. If only that ghostwriter could do more for you! 

That's where I come in! I actually provide both ghostwriting AND creative photographic services to cients.

I am experienced in shooting on location, and in my home, and I offer my services to big and small businesses. I offer it for free to some industries, including startups, cannabis, coffee, adult beverages and fine foods industries. 

product photography in fort collins, boulder and denver, co

doTERRA Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO
"Practice You" A Journal by Elena Brower - Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO

I offer product photography services in Fort Collins, CO as well as nationally. If you  have products, and you need a photographer, but don't live nearby, you can ship samples of your product for me to take pictures. I offer affordable rates to businesses, and I provide this service for free to startups as a courtesy service. 

creative photography services in fort collins, co

Along with my world class photography services, I offer ghostwriting services that you can purchase along side your product photography. Ghostwriting is done for product descriptions, blog writing and much more. If you offer a service or own a business in Fort Collins, and need a writer who is familiar with the area, then I am most certainly well-equipped to assist you with that task!

eligible businesses pay $0
the rest start at $12

For businesses that do not qualify for free photography services, I offer product photography starting at $12 per item for large stocks of items. If you are a local business with a revolving menu, I arrange for contract work where I make regular visits to businesses to update their product photographs regularly. 

finally... a photographer who specializes in cannabis products!

Plat Merlot Bud Tip Closeup | Weed; Bud; Cannabis; Marijuana Prints, Posters, Postcards, Phone Cases & Stoner Gifts
Large Green Leaves | Weed; Bud; Cannabis; Marijuana Prints, Posters, Postcards, Phone Cases & Stoner Gifts

Yes, you read that right. I have photographed a great deal of marijuana in my day, both straight off the vine and finished product. I do work for several types of businesses, and I ensure that people can see all of your hard work with something to go off of visually. I give all of my clients full copyrights to do with my images as they please.

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