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You only get to take your senior portraits once. Presumably (OR HOPEFULLY!), anyway. Because of that, you should try and make them as special as possible! Where in Fort Collins that you get your pictures taken will of course depend upon the season, but how you choose to have them taken should certainly depend on your interests, hobbies or your greatest passion in life! Here is a list of 10 ideas to help you get some ideas going about what you might want to include. Bear in mind, this is only ten subjects, although I am aware there may be some more exciting possibilities like drones, robotics, chess club and other super cool interests.
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If you're stuck deciding on what color or colors to wear, what theme to use, where to take your pictures and figuring out your style, then you have come to the right place! I am an extremely experienced photographer and I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people choose their outfits, accessories, locations and overall styles and themes, and it's part of what I enjoy the most!

If you are looking for a photographer who knows a thing or two about color theory & matching, set design, posing and who is basically just a straight up beast with a camera, then you have met your match! 

Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you determine your....
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I offer several photography discounts throughout the year, depending upon current supply and demand most photographers. This summer, I have two photography deals happening now and coming soon! Check back often to learn more about discounted options that come up throughout the year!

12 PICTURES = $250 [$50 OFF]
18 PICTURES = $300 [$75 OFF]


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Is it a studio or do they shoot on-location? How well do they know the area? How much planning do they assist with, what happens if plans need to be changed either slightly or a lot? How much experience do they have?

These are all excellent questions! As an experienced photographer, I can tell you that most of the questions I get are from newcomers to Fort Collins who are having to find a new family photographer. These to questions are both the most common AND the most relevant questions that I get asked, which you should be asking any photographers that you are interested in as well.

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If you are looking for a [photographer in Fort Collins], but you aren't entirely sure what you want to do or what location you would like to consider, think about using your home! This makes for interesting and unique photographs. Whether you are doing something special for the day or you just want to record every day moments, I can help you out. I essentially act as a fly on the wall, and let you carry on your life the way you normally would. I recommend a full day for lifestyle photography since it can sometimes take a bit of time for anything interesting to happen. These sessions are typically much longer than a normal family portraits session, and are charged by the hour as opposed to per session, the same as events.
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When I take senior portraits for teens, I collaborate with them to learn about their interests, hobbies and everything that matters to them. Some are more familiar than others, knowing that they are into video games or a specific sport, while others take pleasure in the more simple things in life. Regardless the senior's interest, I find ways to integrate their interests into their photoshoot so that their senior portraits are memorable and captivating. I work with students to help them determine outfits, location, props and much more. 

Choosing a location can be a huge challenge in Fort Collins because so many people are new to the area and aren't sure where the best spots....

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Event photography services are provided for between 3 and 12 hours. Payment arrangements can be made, and I do lower the cost when advertising is done on my behalf by the client, or if they assist in promoting business for me. I do not provide event photography for free to businesses, with the exception of limited non-profits. However, I seek these out on my own in most cases, and request that you please do not inquire about free photography services for events unless heavy advertising is provided on my behalf as a trade.

Event photography is due upfront, or in two payments - one at the time of booking and the second is due within 48 hours of the event.

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Getting headshots taken is useful for models, professionals workers (doctors, lawyers, real estate agents), seniors and those looking to update their dating profile pictures. I offer reasonable packages, and payment plans for each pricing option that I offer. If you are looking to save a bit more money, and you are getting professional headshots or senior portraits then I also have options for buddy (shared!) sessions. All sessions include a private online gallery for clients to choose their favorite pictures from.

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Sharing your photography session makes your session more affordable, way more enjoyable and a lot less awkward. It's basically just another day hanging out with people you are close with, except a camera happens to be there. You still get the same amount of pictures, and a couple of pictures with your best friends so that you can remember them forever! Shared session options are available for senior portraits, business headshots and dating profile pictures.

Prices start at $75 per person and go down, with the more people you book! Excellent way to have more fun at your photoshoot & save some money.
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