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regular product photography pricing

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I provide product photography for free to select industries and businesses. For the rest of you unfortunate souls I actually charge. However, my fees are competitive. I offer several creative services to go alongside my photography services, including writing product descriptions and other ghostwriting services. If you have a blog sorely in need of some updating, especially one which is focused on the Fort Collins area, then I can help you while keeping up with current Search Engine Optimization trends.

doTERRA Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO
"Practice You" A Journal by Elena Brower - Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO

Free Product Photography to Select Industries & Businesses in Fort Collins, CO

You may qualify for free product photography services in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver, CO. I take pictures for free for certain types of businesses, because images from them tend to pay off as stock photography, or while selling prints to people who are looking to decorate their homes or businesses.

1. Cannabis, Weed, Pot, Bud, Marijuana: Includes growing facilities and harvests, CBD products, edibles and dispensary store fronts.

2. Coffee Products: Coffee shops, artistically crafted coffee and tea beverages (e.g. a fancy cappuccino.)

3. Adult Beverage Industry: Includes microbreweries, home breweries, bars and well-crafted drinks (e.g. a fancy margarita.)

4. Fine Foods Industry: This includes foods and confections which are made by professionals or amateurs that are pleasing to the eye and have garnishes or other edible decorations attached to them.

Picture of Products at FoCo Cafe - Fort Collins, CO Product Photographer
"My Rad Life, A Journal" Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO
Sloth Wallet for Sale - Product Photographer at Clothes Pony in Old Town Fort Collins, CO

Affordable Product Photography in Fort Collins, CO

I charge my clients per product. The more products you have to sell, the less I charge per product, and vice versa. I shoot on-location or in my home studio. If you are from outside of the Fort Collins, CO area then I am able to accept shipments of samples of your product to photograph. I use a lighbox or shadowbox that is setup in my home, or other accessorized furniture and objects to help your product stand out to its fullest potential. 

Additionally, I shoot on location for businesses in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver, CO.. unless you prefer more simple images of your products.









501-750 $18



Paul Mitchel His & Her Salon in Fort Collins, CO Product Photographer
Picture of a cappuccino at the Alley Cat Cafe in Fort Collins, CO
Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO at DIY Creations in Loveland, CO

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