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10 tips for your tinder profile (and other apps too!)

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We are (un)fortunate enough to live in a world where online dating makes for a sea of dating candidates for men and women. Perhaps online dating is even more of a challenge for straight men who report that out of every 100 messages they send to prospective dates they are lucky to receive just one back. With webcam models running amok and using dating profiles and dating apps as their primary marketing platform, it's no wonder it's such a struggle. Furthermore, the ratio of men to women on dating apps is typically imbalanced where there are more men than women using online dating apps. While finding women on apps in Fort Collins seems to be typical, there also seems to be an issue getting them to message back. Women face a different struggle, which is finding men who are intellectually stimulating. Your key to success is your images, the wit behind your profile and the very first message you send. Having spent enough time on these apps as a woman, I have tips to offer those looking to improve their dating game - especially when it comes to pictures. 

While not everyone is keen on the idea of hiring a person, I'm just gonna go ahead and throw it out there that this is sort of my specialty. These tips should be helpful for anyone, however!

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Okay, my dudes. We already know that you have interests, however those interests are generally unoriginal. If a person was already looking at profiles prior to yours, then they have likely already seen plenty of profiles similar to yours which do not stand out. That's because we live in Fort Collins, and it's a no-brainer when considering whether or not a person is going to be willing to hit up some trails for a hike, or go out for an evening bike ride.  Here are some of the most common profile themes...

1. i'm outdoorsy!

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Cool story, bro. We live in Fort Collins. Fort Collins is a city where practically everyone you talk to is outdoorsy. The picture of that fish you just caught? Wow, what a coincidence, the dude I just swiped on before you also had a picture of himself holding a large bass. You shot a deer?? Take me away, big guy, there are so many other dudes on Tinder who don't know how to aim a .308 and I am a helpless woman, so I definitely need someone like you in my life! You like hiking, biking AND camping too? Say it isn't so! It's not like we don't live right next to Rocky Mountain National Forest or live in a place that promotes outdoor activity as a means of entertainment. Who ever would have guessed it?

2. i know how to do the exercising!

Is there any woman in Fort Collins that isn't obsessed with yoga? Better yet, are there any men in Fort Collins that don't go to Miramont on the regular and take gym selfies? Alright, so there are some out there who don't go. Save the gym selfies and surprise your date with your hot body rather than taking pictures in the free weights room.

3. omg i have friends

Which one is you tho?

So you went out on the town in old town Fort Collins and now you need to show off all of your drunken pictures from the bars. Cool, but not. Alright, so having one or two pictures like this is fine, of course. However women are said to turn away when they see men who are constantly holding a beer in their hand and hanging with their bros. The most commonly used dating apps by women are Christian Mingle, Coffee Meets Bagel and eHarmony, and this is because most women on dating apps are looking for long term material. Sorry, guy doing a keg stand, you just aren't of interest.

4. selfies from way up high or way down low.

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Women hate men's pictures taken from way down low and men believe women are being deceitful about their weight with pictures taken from way up high. Seriously, just chill.

This isn't unique to Fort Collins by any means, but it's a common theme to see women taking selfies from way up high, and for men to take them from way down low. There's a psychological reason for these things: men do this to appear bigger and stronger, and women do this to appear more submissive. Taking a picture straight away may indicate that a partner is more supportive than masculine or feminine. 

5. the o-face or surprised look

Unless you've got a lot of style while you're at it.

But when it's a selfie: you aren't really surprised, so what exactly is going on here? Mer. Just stop taking pictures like that. It's about as redundant as taking pictures with duck lips (fortunately that millennial fad has dwindled.) 

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So we looked at some faux pas, but what are some ways to improve your dating game in Fort Collins? It's a competitive world out there, my friend,  and there actually are some ways that you can grab a potential partner's attention.

1. professional pictures from someone familiar with the local singles and dating scene

Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | Wilhelmina Modeling: Damien Pottinger

Yes, there are actually photographers out here in Fort Collins who take pictures of people for their dating profiles, and I am one of them! I have spent enough time on these apps, exploring to  know what works and what doesn't. If you don't have the time to go out and take the pictures yourself, then hiring someone with experience can help. Especially someone who knows what others might be looking for. 

2. pictures in interesting places

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Your car isn't that interesting. Yes, you with all of the car selfies. Some places that ARE interesting are your home environment or some other place you enjoy chilling at in Fort Collins. A coffee shop, Old Town Square, a park - really anything that is not your car. Give people an idea about who you are with the background of your images. If it's that glorious window light that you are looking for from the car, you can get that inside of a house - just treat any window as if it were your windshield and you will get the same effect. This also works if you go outside and stand in the shade with your back to a wall - your lights will look dope AF and your skin will look flawless.

3. just ONE picture with your friends - okay, maybe two

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This may seem to contradict the above statement of not having pictures with friends, but it really doesn't. Having a picture with a friend or two shows that you are sociable, but it shouldn't be your main or default image. Save the group of friends picture for last. Men have especially mentioned being concerned that whoever is in the group image that is the most unattractive is likely the person whose profile it is, and will be unlikely to speak with the potential match.

And hey! If you want some pictures taken for you I'm here to help. You can even share your sessions with friends to cut down the cost, and of course make the photoshoot far less boring.

4. clean environment

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A clean environment is important. What I mean by this is don't just take a picture of yourself in the mirror when you have a giant pile of laundry on the floor around you, no sheets on the bed and stains all over your mattress. Some people notice this. Move all of the gross clutter to the side, or better yet, just clean your room?

5. look away, game too strong

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Sounds silly, right? WRONG! For women taking profile pictures, look away from the camera. It is also said to help if you have your hair up in your primary photo. Why that is, I have no idea! Men are weird, right? And for men: look away too. A carefree potential match  who is shown candidly in a photograph is highly likely to get a response than someone who is staring deeply (and creepishly) at the camera in every picture.

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