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7 fabulous fall locations in fort collins for photographers to try

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Ahhh! Autumn is already here, and it's about time to start preparing for the winter. This is a popular time for family and senior portraits with the beautiful color changes in foliage, and urban changes like the hanging of the lights downtown. Be prepared for shifts between nice weather and extreme weather, and to look for ways to accommodate your photoshoot in different settings with indoor and outdoor locations, or both! It's not uncommon for Fort Collins photographers to experience an extreme boost in business during this time, especially for those who specialize in family, childrens and headshot photography. Believe me, I have been in the business long enough to witness the panic experienced by clients as they realize fall is closing in on them.

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7. Opera Galleria | Old Town Fort Collins

The Bondurant Family - Round 2! | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

Since fall weather can be unpredictable, especially between the months of October, November and December, you may be forced to find an indoor location to shoot at. The Opera Galleria is located downtown in Fort Collins off of College Ave., and offers a wide variety of spots within the building where you can photograph your subject and not get horribly bored. Along with cool shops located on the interior, you will also find Rocket Fizz and Clothes Pony which make fun and interesting spots as well!

6. Rolland Moore Park | Fort Collins, CO

Rolland Moore Park can get a bit busy, but if you are struggling to find a place where you can spread out your subjects and find new and interesting areas, then you may find that Rolland Moore park can make it a bit easier. This is a very large park that backs to the city's urban trail system. 

5. Gustav Swanson Natural Area | Fort Collins, CO

Visio Sonis: Strawberry Fields Forever | No one I Think is in My Tree, I mean it Must Be High or Low

Gustav Swanson Natural area is often passed or overlooked, although the city's urban trail system and the Poudre River run directly through it. It is across from New Belgium off of Linden Street, and it can be easy to miss as it is hidden away. While your goal  may be to use the park for your location, the trail has attractive bridges and underpasses which you may also enjoy using!

4. Estes Park | Estes Park, CO

Fort Collins, CO Photographer at the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO

While Estes Park is its own city hidden along the Thompson River, there is no shortage of areas to shoot. If the weather gets terrible, you may also enjoy photographing subjects on the interior of the Stanley Hotel, which The Shining was based off of. 

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3. The Environmental Learning Center | Fort Collins, CO

Photographer at the Environmental Learning Center in Fort Collins, CO

The Environmental Learning Center is somewhat of a hidden gem, and you won't find a trail that is flooded with a gazillion people like most other areas in Fort Collins. It is rife with aspen trees, and is one of the few areas in the city where it's acceptable they are allowed to grow freely, because of the damage they are known to occasionally cause. Along with aspens you will find at least 350 different types of birds which use this area as their natural habitat including raptors. 

2. Watson Lake | LaPorte, CO

The Refflers | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

Watson Lake has large mature trees, and they can turn as late as the end of October. This area stays green substantially longer than some other areas of the city. Bring bug spray, because the mosquitoes seem to survive longer here than in other areas as well.

1. City Park | Fort Collins, CO

City Park in Fort Collins, CO has 233 species of trees, and a wide variety of bushes, shrubs and flowers. During the fall the leaves change over time, and it seems that this park exhibits fall colors for longer than  most other parks. In one area, you may find green grass and the last of the greenery for the season, while in another you may find shades of red and orange. Furthermore, it extends the amount of time you will have to schedule appointments because its fall season lasts for so long.

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