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product, stores & businesses

gallery & pricing information

  • Economy - (1 set)
    starting at


    photography only
    social media marketing, new startups, specialty ecommerce sites

  • Lightbox, custom set or on-location photos ✔
  • Three week turn-around ✔
  • Limited commercial use license ✔
  • Set props ✔
  • Professional headshots
  • Video production
  • Full Use/Editing rights
  • Seasonal Pass (3 sets)
    starting at


    photography & video production
    startups, new menu items or products, local storefronts, restuarants & offices

  • Lightbox, custom set or on-location photos ✔
  • Three week turn-around ✔
  • Commercial use license ✔
  • Set props ✔
  • Professional headshots for 3 ✔
  • One 2-3 minute video + three 30 second videos ✔
  • Editing rights ✔
  • Annual Pass - (12 sets)
    starting at


    Documentary series
    realtors & architects, farms & cannabis, fashion, YouTubers & bloggers

  • Lightbox, custom set or on-location photos ✔
  • Three week turn-around ✔
  • Commercial use license ✔
  • Set props ✔
  • Professional headshots for 5 ✔
  • Four 2-3 minute videos ✔
  • Editing rights ✔

optional add-on services

In-studio production; $150 per hour
Models - Talent-scouting & Recruitment; $100 per hour per set
Drone video production - $250 per hour
Full use, editing rights & commercial licenses - starting at $425

faq: pricing & availability

Get answers to my most frequent questions here!

Why do weekends cost more?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening appointments are in high demand, and they fill up fast. Because I prefer to spend time at home with my family on the weekends and evenings - even at the expense of less business - I do charge extra. It also helps me to be able to lower the demand.

You may contact us at any time, and we encourage you to ask questions. The best time to contact us is anytime Monday through Thursday.

Uh, are you on crack? I have an iPhone, why would I pay that much!

No, no - no crack here. Although I will agree, that "That's way too expensive when I could just go and get a new iPhone!" And I'm with you there! Camera phones are incredible these days. But deep down, I'm a thrift shopping veteran, and I know that pro photos cannot be added into everyone's (or every company's) budget. Be sure to ask me about payment plans if you need special accommodations. Also, keep in mind the following, please:
You aren't just paying for an hour of bad/novice service, you're paying me for my 33,2080 hours (16 yrs x 40 hrs/wk) of experience that I have.

GAWD, this is taking forever! What's taking so long?!

I understand that in a world of instant gratification, waiting for photographs can take a long time. However, it's important to note that when we take a photograph, it's not simply a matter of throwing the picture onto my computer and sending them to you. Sorry, folks, but this is not Snapchat!

Additionally, it is extremely important that my clients realize that I cannot afford to just do photography for a living. I am also a privately UX/UI developer and SEO.


I actually spend a great deal of time editing. In fact, while your session may only take 45 minutes, I edit at a rate of 5 images per hour. This includes 2 separate phases, which are the really basic edits and then the more advanced edits. Additionally, I do not edit every single day of the week. I save all editing for Monday and Tuesday, while Wednesdays and Thursdays are reserved for website maintenance, administrative stuff and the various other tasks that come with being a business owner.

Editing consists of many different things, but when I am working through portraits, I have a workflow which will always include the following: eye enhancements, skin retouching, cleaning up clutter (includes all of the lint or dog hair on your clothes), color-correction, getting rid of all of the fly-away hairs from the wind and so forth. These are things that only the human eye can currently do, and it takes time.
Sorry.. While i may respond to emails Friday, Saturday and Sunday, please note that I reserve these days as days off, and responses may be delayed up until the following Monday.

other clients

I work with other clients, of course. However, something many people do not realize is that I also have a sort of "priority" way of working. There is sort of a heirarchy to be aware of when it comes to editing. I wish it were as simple as just first-come, first-serve. Alas, I have to accommodate three types of work.

Order of Priority

1. Event Photography
Generally people want their photos for social media, and if I spend 4 weeks waiting to deliver their photos to them the excitement from the event will have died down, and no one will care about the photos. Therefore, events are generally edited within the same week.

2. Portraiture
I understand that portraits are often rushed, however, I cannot place their priority over events most of the time. I do offer rush service, however, which makes it so that your photos will be edited within 1.5 to 2 weeks, rather than the standard 3-4. 3. Product Photography comes last.
3. Product & Business
This is generally easier to wait on for people - the products and stores will be there tomorrow (we hope, anyways!) The photos for these are also used for a more long term period. These can last a year to 2 years, making it more worth the wait. These can also take the longest, as I generally need to build a set, photograph and edit these. These are generally edited in between event photography and portraiture.

Personal life

I have a personal life - yes, it is in fact true. I am the single parent of two children and they take up a great deal of my time. That means I help them with homework, try to make it to all of their school performances, extra-curriculars, bedtime stuff, homework and the whole shebang. Luckily I've got a handsome sidekick who helps me out, but my time is very budgeted and sometimes (actually most of the time) it's not possible to balance it.

Late Work

When my work will be turned in late, I keep people in the loop as much as possible. As I've learned, it looks really bad when my clients think I'm ghosting them due to unforseen events (e.g. my most recent emergency hospitalization!)

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