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top 6 photographs services that i offer

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*Ahem* Looking for me? Okay, so maybe not exactly, but if you are looking for a photographer with a unique eye for details and artistic qualities, then you  have come to the right place! I have been practicing for just about 16 years, and I have provided my services to hundreds upon hundreds of people and businesses. If you include the amount of work I have done at business conventions, nightclubs and other events, then let's just say that the total number of people who have been in front of my lens probably near about 100,000!

I provide a wide variety of services, and I am looking forward to serving you too. Here are some of the most popular services that I provide in Fort Collins, Denver and Boulder, CO!

1. business headshots

Fort Collins, Colorado Professional Headshots Photographer | KAUZ CBS: Sarah Davis
Fort Collins Professional Business Headshots Photographer | Trinity Hughes Construction & Architectural Design: Dave Lilley


strictly professional

group portraits

pics with your work squad


popular for models


in your place of business

When you are ready to get your business portraits updated, then I am probably a good option for you. I am familiar with several different types of portraiture related to business portraits photography. I offer services which ensure that your headshots match your business style, whether that's a more silly/fun, professional, or you are a model trying to make your way into the business. 

2. family portraits

This is the third most common service that people request from me when they ask me to provide my stellar photography services to them. That's because I know how to capture families both candidly, as well as posed, and I generally toss in an even mixture of both when I am shooting families. Most families will bring their kids and pets to sessions, and I actually love when pet parents bring their furry friends as well! 

I provide two different types of family photography in Fort Collins, Denver and Boulder, CO. The two types that I offer are lifestyle family portraiture and traditional family portraiture. I do not use a studio, because studios are lame-sauce. Seriously, why make a tiny box your studio when you can make the entire world your studio?

lifestyle vs. traditional family portraits photography

Hall Family | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer

"Lifestyle photography" is just as the name states - your lifestyle! That means that this is a more candid set, and a lot of the times will take place in your own home. However, I do not limit my clients to just one location. I instead allow them to choose multiple places, and these sessions generally take much longer than traditional family portraits sessions. This is why I setup pricing for lifestyle similarly to how I charge for event photography services.

Traditional family portraits are taken at a location chosen by the client - or a couple of places. This means it could be downtown, at a lake, or at one of the many natural areas in Fort Collins, CO. I help my clients with a bit of the planning for these sessions. I recommend colors based upon color theory best practices, and I suggest locations based on your personality or the personality of your family collectively. Outfits are also sometimes recommended based upon personalities. More of a country gal? Great! Then let's head out to the sunflower fields, and maybe even your family's farm. More modern/chic? Let's head downtown and find some colors to match to the outfit I've helped you select. 

3. senior pictures

Good old senior portraits. I'm not gonna lie, this is my absolute favorite type of service to offer people as a photographer. The only catch is that I only like offering my services to fun people. Okay, maybe I enjoy working with everyone and especially subjects which are challenges (also known as extremely camera shy.) Seriously, even for the most camera shy people out there, I'm usually able to pop off a few good images. 

Senior portraits can be traditional, although I highly encourage my clients to include some sort of extra curricular activity, hobby or interest that they have. I work directly with teens and collaborate with them, while parents are generally just in charge of payments. Yes, yes - parents of course still have a say, however I also encourage seniors to reach out to me directly for information and to start planning for their session to make sure it isn't totes miserable.

Fort Collins Senior Photography - Best Photographer in Town!
Senior Portrait Session | Fort Collins, CO Photographer

Senior portraits are, like I said, one of my favorite types of portraiture services to provide. This is because I actually relate well with them, and I ENJOY spending time with them. I get to feel young again!

4. children

Okay, so I know senior portraits are some of my favorites. I may have lied. I actually like working with kids just as much as I love working with seniors! And I love doing headshots. I pretty much enjoy taking everyone's pictures. I just so happen to take children's pictures more than anyone else's. Don't believe me? Just hop on over to the children's gallery and take a look at how many kids I have photographed! I actually specialize in children's portraits more than anything else. Cool beans, right?

If you don't really feel like going over to the children's gallery, then get ready for picture overload...!

how children's portraits are even possible

I have many tricks up my sleeve when it comes to taking pictures of kids. Some are more difficult than others, and I walk parents through it each step. The good news is that I do not time my sessions. As in, I won't just be like, "Welp. It's been an hour and this was just a one hour session. Your child was clearly in distress for the first 45 minutes so you may get about 2 or 3 good pictures of your kid, if you're lucky." To that I say, "BLAH!" That is not how it works when you sign up with me. I take my time when it comes to working with children. I am also familiar with behavioral patterns in children, and how to organize our time together.

So these pictures usually occur during family portraits sessions, although I do offer children's only photography sessions as well. I encourage parents to take a picture by his or herself as well, just because it's nice for your kids to have them, especially when you are older and they aren't as close to you. There are plenty of family portraits, of course too, but children typically get their pictures taken on their own as well as with family just to give you a little something extra. 

5. event

I have no idea how many events I have covered at this point, but let's just say the number is astronomically high! I have covered professional business events as well as events that are a little bit more informal, and even have contracted with Beta Nightclub previously. 

Because my educational background is mostly in business, I have spent a great deal of time learning how to work with professionals and form lasting b2b relationships. It has proven to be extremely rare for businesses not to re-hire me for more work or contract me a second time. I love events! I have been fortunate enough to meet big names among the sports industry, musicians, CEO's and many others!      

Rex Tillerson, Henry Florsheim : Regional Economic Development Conference
Joe Theismann : Small Business Regional Conference in Wichita Falls, TX
Fort Collins, CO Event Photographer | Valentino Kahn & Antiserum | Beta Nightclub, Denver, CO
Fort Collins, CO Event Photographer | Valentino Kahn & Antiserum | Beta Nightclub, Denver, CO

Events are what have enabled me to get to  know so many different types of people. My business is non-discriminatory unless of course you're just an ass. Then I will discriminate pretty hard. However, I have so far been known to get along with everyone, and I have yet to experience any unsatisfied clients!

6. product photography

This one is super duper fun, because I get to take pictures of your creations or the things that you enjoy and create consistently good stuff. I provide a variety of product photography services, and some of them are even discounted or free depending on your industry! Along with product photography, I take pictures of businesses - storefronts, food trucks, you name it! I enjoy providing that service, because I sometimes even get tipped with some delicious food or sample products. ;-) 

How could I ever say no?!

doTERRA Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO
"My Rad Life, A Journal" Product Photographer in Fort Collins, CO

did you say... free?! yeah, right. >_<

You read that correctly, and no, I'm not just being another shady salesperson. There is a valid reason for my offering this service for free to certain industries. I offer it for free to startups, because as a bootstrap entrepreneur, I understand how budgeted your finances probably are, and I don't want to charge you a bunch of money unnecessarily. Fine foods, cannabis, adult beverage and coffee are provided for free, because the people out there who like to buy stock photography cover the cost for you! 

I make a profit, and you get something for free. Voila!

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