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portraiture pricing

I offer a payment model to clients where they pay per image rather than for the session or "time/talent" as many photographers like to say.

After listening to horror stories from my clients and surveying them, I heard a couple of common themes, well $500 is a lot of money for pictures when I have a cellphone with a camera! and well what if I pay you $500 and I hate the pictures?!

So I came up with a better option. Instead of having my clients pay for the session itself, I have them pay a deposit to reserve space on my calendar. They then have the option of ordering whichever pictures they like best from their session.

the deposit... *DUN DUN DUNNN.*

Believe me, I wouldn't charge a deposit if there were a better way to guarantee that people would show up to their sessions. All it takes is a few bad apples to change an entire business model - therefore I have to charge it. Too many no-shows and last second cancellations have made this necessary. 

how it works / the cost

  • Make a deposit of $50
  • Schedule your appointment
  • Go over outfit/location planning with me
  • Attend your photoshoot
  • Wait for your pictures to be edited (approximately 2-4 weeks - quality takes time)
  • View your online gallery & choose images to purchase
  • Prices:
    $40 for high-resolution
    $50 for original sized images
    $250 for entire gallery.

additional info

The deposit is non-negotiable and non-refundable. It is required if you would like me to arrange for childcare, take time off from my day job, drive to your shoot and edit your pictures. If you cannot make your appointment, I can reschedule it for you.

free photoshoots

Please do not contact me for free services unless you are looking for product photography in one of three specific fields: cannabis, coffee/tea,  adult beverages and/or fine foods. I also offer free photoshoots to startups.


I choose to volunteer my services with select non-profits which are near and dear to my heart. I do not have the time to volunteer my services to any additional organizations at this time.

cost comparisons

Cost comparisons for the following only cover photographers in the Northern Colorado region and photographers of similar quality/talent.

Previously, the cost for my portraiture services started at $275 for headshots and senior portraits, $450 for families and that was for short sessions. This pricing is not uncommon in Northern Colorado, and that's a lot of money for most people!

Therefore, I find it far more reasonable to allow my clients to simply get their pictures taken, have fun and call the shots when it comes to ordering pictures off of my website.

event photography

Event photography is charged for differently than portraits, as they are different types of work. Event photography covers lifestyle photography, PR events, nightlife, weddings and anything else which involves a large group of people.








$200 per hour

Different types of events require different amounts of time. Weddings, for example would likely take much longer than a ribbon cutting for a chamber of commerce or grand opening of a store. If you aren't sure which event package is right for you, then be sure to check out more details on how pricing works!

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