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Hello, and welcome to my blog! I'm Darah, and I am a photographer here in the good old city of Fort Collins, CO - one of the biggest small towns I've ever had the pleasure of living in! I've been living here for about 12 years, and I have been a photographer for 16. I started my business just six years ago, and I have had the pleasure of serving over 400 different human beings, animals and businesses with my services.

I have done everything from having taken pictures of the rich and the famous to teaching classes to underprivileged children. I enjoy sharing everything I know about photography with fellow photographers, both amateurs and other professionals. 

In my blog you will find tips and tricks related specifically to Fort Collins, as well as tips and tricks for both other photographers as well as clients. I thank you again for stopping in, and I hope you learn something new today! Please contact me if you see anything malfunctioning, or if you have any questions for me about services, or about anything in the blog. :-)

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