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Oh, hai! Thanks for visiting my website! I'm sure you're expecting a bit of humble bragging, but don't worry: I'm just going to avoid that altogether unless you really want to read the about me on my website which I made out of obligation more than anything else. I prefer to lurk in the shadows....I mean...behind the scenes. 

My primary focus is photographing people, and the things that matter to them: their family, a hobby, their pets, the products they sell or the business they are running. I meet the needs of people throughout Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. 

pricing updates

Changes are being made to my business model! I offer sessions starting at $50. 

how it works

Step 1: Pay $50 to reserve your photosession. The $50 goes towards 3 images.

Step 2:  Wait for your set to be edited.

Step 3: Once Your set is complete, you get to CHOOSE which images you would like to buy and which 3 images you would like from your $50 deposit.

Step 4: Choose any additional images you would like to download, and buy them directly from my website as downloads, prints or both!

: visio sonis :

cinematography & contributions to 48 hour film project
[director of photography]


During my time as a photographer, I have been privileged enough to work with individuals in the film industry. Among my favorites thus far has been Michael Hyon Johnson, whom I have filmed competitively with for the 48 Hour Film Race and the 24 Hour Film Race.

During that time I became actively involved with Bad Pixel Productions, a Denver, CO collective of filmmakers, actors and others with a knack for videography.

You can check out more of his work on his website:

I have so far contributed to a total of 4 films in film races and I am excited to get back into it for 2019!

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