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Oh, hai! Thanks for visiting my website! Fort Collins photographer and I've been serving the area for about 6 years (minus a couple of years that I spent in Texas.) I LOVE what I do, and I enjoy meeting new clients and making them look and feel great! My services start with photography, but they don't end there. I try and go above and beyond, providing services to not only people who want their pictures taken, but other photographers and artists in the community!

My primary focus is photographing people, and the things that matter to them - whether that's their family, a hobby, their pets or the business they are running. I meet the needs of people throughout Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver. 

photographer for all of your photographic needs

I specialize in several areas, but I don't limit myself as a photographer. I provide services which are unique, and client-focused. That is, I do not go in and bogart your entire session with just ideas that I want to implement. Instead I spend a great deal of my time collaborating and making sure that your pictures are exactly what you have in mind... or better!

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I offer photography services to my clients to meet a wide variety of needs. My specialty lies in photographing people and the things that they love. Whether it's their family, pets, crafts & hobbies, fashion or children I have pride in what I do. I provide memories to people which will follow through the rest of their lives. Every session I have done for my friends have been unique, and I am proud to say so! I get to know each and every person that I work with on an individual basis, because the people I photograph are more than just clients...

you are NOT just my client. you are a friend.

What exactly does this mean? It means that when you and I work together, I accept any constructive criticism that you have for my work, I take requests and I know you better than I would know a customer. I spend time getting to know you before I take your pictures - I ask questions about you and your personal life on a one-on-one basis. 

From the second you fill out my contact form and submit it, I begin asking you about your family, or your goals in having your pictures taken with me. I don't come into your life as just another photographer who is going to take your pictures this year, but one who will offer to take your pictures every year thereafter as well! The majority of the people who I have photographed have stepped in front of my camera more than once. I have met their needs for senior pictures, pet portraits, weddings and even just milestones in their children's lives. 

I don't just give them a one and done session - I photograph them many times throughout their lives, and I can't wait for you to hire me as your photographer and keep me around for the long haul too!

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professional photo editing

I take pictures of people, sure. But I also spend a great deal of time editing photos and making sure that my clients and their environments are bomb AF. As in, no random cigarette butts or dudes passed out on the couch behind them. This happens both during photoshoots as well as during post-processing which is where I do the majority of my work. I enhance your best features and minimize anything you may feel insecure about or uncomfortable with on the camera.

My goal is not to make you look like a different person than you actually are, but focus on your best features and make you look like your true fabulous self!

photography classes

I offer classes to photographers ranging from amateur to professional, and I even have an eBook for other photographers! I offer information for free, because I believe that photography should be enjoyed by everyone whether they use cellphones or DSLRs! I have over 16 years of experience learning, and now I enjoy sharing with others what I have learned over the years. The classes I teach and lessons that I offer are available to photographers both in Fort Collins and other cities throughout the U.S., and are taught in group settings as well as one-on-one.

I have learned about photography through a combination of life and work experience, school and other workshops & conventions taught by other professional photographers. Through this wealth of knowledge, I hope to teach you too!

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You only get to take your senior portraits once. Presumably (OR HOPEFULLY!), anyway. Because of that, you should try and make them as special as possible! Where in Fort Collins that you get your pictures taken will of course depend upon the season, but how you choose to have them taken should certainly depend on your interests, hobbies or your greatest passion in life! Here is a list of 10 ideas to help you get some ideas going about what you might want to include. Bear in mind, this is only ten subjects, although I am aware there may be some more exciting possibilities like drones, robotics, chess club and other super cool interests.

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If you're stuck deciding on what color or colors to wear, what theme to use, where to take your pictures and figuring out your style, then you have come to the right place! I am an extremely experienced photographer and I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people choose their outfits, accessories, locations and overall styles and themes, and it's part of what I enjoy the most!

If you are looking for a photographer who knows a thing or two about color theory & matching, set design, posing and who is basically just a straight up beast with a camera, then you have met your match!

Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you determine your....
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I offer several photography discounts throughout the year, depending upon current supply and demand most photographers. This summer, I have two photography deals happening now and coming soon! Check back often to learn more about discounted options that come up throughout the year!

 12 PICTURES = $250 [$50 OFF]
 18 PICTURES = $300 [$75 OFF]

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Not long ago I was fortunate enough to be asked by a colleague to help him update his business portraits and professional headshots. He asked if I'd be down for a bit of an adventure throughout this small but busy town of Fort Collins, and of course the answer was, "Hell yeah! Sign me up." The goal was to hit as many murals as possible, and it really only took us a couple of hours.

We opted for something a bit different, and soon after the hummingbird was finished at Chipper's Lanes we decided to use it! I have pictures of a lot of the murals in Fort Collins from other clients, but these are pretty recent and are one of my favorite sets. ...

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If you've been wanting to learn more about photography, but can't attend the classes that I offer, then you're in luck! The book that I use to teach is available for free to people who are interested in honing in on, and improving, their photography skills! I have taught both beginning and advanced photographers throughout my time in the business, and nothing makes me happier than seeing others grow their understanding of photography. I wrote this book to help individuals who use DSLRs, but their cellphones too!

a free photography guide book for both DSLR photographers AND cellphone photographers?!

Yes! I get that there is some stigma and pompous attitudes towards the rise of the cellphone photographer, however I am not one of those who shuns people for using their phones. Phones are capable of some incredible things these days! I do shoot using a DSLR, but I admittedly use my phone a lot too. If people are paying me then of course I like to bring out the big guns. But for pictures of my dinner, or pictures of my kids that are super in the moment there isn't always time for me to setup my big camera.There is a little bit of technical information for those shooting with DSLRs, but the majority of the book teaches technique and more skill-related stuff. You don't need something fancy to be skilled, you need to have a good eye and ability to focus in on detail. I'm a huge fan of artistic photography - and I don't care what kind of camera is used to create it. If you want to learn then now is your chance!...
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