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awesome fort collins photographer | pics by darah

not fake.

Headshots, event & product photography - short notice available. 

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high-quality headshots photography & senior portraits | fort collins, colorado

I categorize headshots and senior portraits together, because fundamentally, they are very similar. This photography service is collaborative. I want to hear your thoughts, and what you'd like the final outcome to be with your photos, but in general I will use my own personal photography style, and professional opinion to create high quality photos that will be useful for years to come. 

quality pictures. NOT quantity  

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "How many pictures will you give to me?" To that, I have to ask: how many do you really need? In reality, you can only have one profile photo at a time, and you'll only be able to submit one photo for senior yearbook. If you're using them for a dating profile - well, you only need 4-5 good pictures to get the attention you need.

Do you really want to have to wade through 60 unedited, crappy, cheesy pictures on a CD-Rom where you're posed awkwardly, half-blinking or where the lighting is bad and the angles are iffy?

I do it for a living - I have perfected my craft. I hand-select your best photos from our session, and then I go through and edit them using methods that Snapchat and Instagram don't have yet.

when Snapchat & Instagram filters aren't cutting it

Snapchat and Instagram are fun, and I'm not above admitting it. Seriously, I use them too! But let's get real: Snapchat filters on dating apps are overdone, and they are anything BUT professional when it comes to networking on sites like LinkedIn or your personal website. Similarly to these apps, I do my best to make you look flawless, but I do it by hand beginning with your session and ending with post-editing.      

affordable options 

I offer affordable options which are fair to my clients, but still allow me the ability to put dinner on the table at night. My most basic service covers professional headshots and senior pictures, and it takes about 30-45 minutes on the set. It's the perfect option for for anyone who might need just one picture for their senior yearbook, a few photos for  their dating profile or several pictures to choose from in order to update their professional headshots on LinkedIn, their website or other social media. 

Tiffany Baker | pics by darah - fort collins photographer
Nogeires | Fort Collins, CO Family Portraits Photographer
Senior Portrait Session | Fort Collins, CO Photographer

product & storefront photography services | fort collins, colorado & remotely

I provide this service over several sessions (or days), and post-processing can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Storefronts are handled on-site, as well as farms, crops, greenhouses, labs, etc. For product photography, I am able to provide a pick-up and drop-off service locally, or shipping to myself and back to you if you are at a distance. I setup your products in a studio-style setting with light or shadow boxes, and I take my time with the overall goal of making sure images are consistent, attractive, well-lit and show off even the most minor details.

quality pictures for your e-commerce, social media, blog & website

Your online presence matters, and putting effort into the quality of your images is my priority. Because I understand how important this is, I will put my best foot forward. Your website, social media and/or ecommerce photos are like your billboard, and it is crucial to have attractive photographs that represent the quality of your products, services or business accurately.

just say no to cheesy stock photography

Sure, stock photography makes a great placeholder, but long term, this is not a solution for your website and your customers WILL know the difference. Bad pictures give your customers or clients the impression that your services, products and goods are probably also bad, or that they aren't worth taking proper photos of. But having pictures of your actual business, goods and services says with professional techniques says to them, "Hey! Look at us, we actually care enough to put nice pictures of our actual business (or products) online, because they are worth showing off."

Fort Collins Product Photographer - Alley Cat Cafe
Trinity Hughes (Wichita Falls, TX) Construction & Architectural Photography  | Fort Collins Photographer
Fort Collins, CO Event Photographer | MPEC-Spectra Grand Opening in Wichita Falls, Texas
Fort Collins, CO Architectural Photographer | Red River Hospital | Wichita Falls, TX

public relations (PR) & event photography - nightlife, concerts, professional events, announcements & more | all over colorado

I have worked countless events, both casual and professional including nightlife/concerts, banquets, press conferences, professional forums, company parties, weddings - you name it. At events I act as a fly on the wall, more or less. I avoid obnoxious flashes whenever possible, and instead rely on the natural lighting available at your event. I also provide group portraits for important announcements or press conferences when needed - essentially combining candid photojournalistic photos with group portraiture. I cover events both locally in Fort Collins, and in other cities like Denver, Boulder and so forth.

fast turn-around - pictures edited the same day & week

I understand that event photography requires fast delivery so that you can update your social media pages or blog, and I try and have at 4-5 images done on the same day of your event, with the rest completed by the end of the week. In these instances, I have to think on my toes. Quality is not underplayed by any means, but I also put a priority on quantity, knowing that you likely aren't the only ones who will be seeing or wanting copies of these pictures. Your guests, speakers, performers, etc. may want images, so I try and capture as many high quality pictures as possible throughout the course of your event whether it's only a few hours or lasts a few days. Event photography is prioritized the highest, ensuring that they are delivered as soon as humanly possible.

short notice availability

It is not uncommon for my clients to ask me with very little notice to cover an event. The local press makes hasty appearances with other stories to cover, and sometimes a private PR or event photographer is the way to go! While I cannot guarantee same-week slots, I try my best to accommodate your needs. There is an extra fee required for this service, however, so it is best to book with at least one week's prior notice.

REAL training & experience


I have been a photographer since I was a teenager in high school! I started out taking pictures for yearbook, while attending a private fine arts school. In college, I continued my education and took several digital photography classes after realizing that my film experience had become obsolete. 

I eventually changed my degree to one more practical; in business. In addition to owning this business, I began my second business which is mainly a Search Engine Optimization company where I build and/or refine people's website, or in other words: help them get discovered on Google and other search engines!

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