Visio Sonis: Strawberry Fields | Fort Collins, Colorado Photographer - Darah Soria
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[Fort Collins Photographer]+[Obscurities] - The Waking

Ahh, to live in a world that's real as a being who may be only imagined by children and the depths of the mind which others call "psychosis." But maybe I am not the crazy one. Maybe it's everyone else.. the people who say I'm crazy say it because they don't want to live a life which is free. They want to live in fear of God's punishment, and fear the freedom of Satan. Alternatively - maybe I'm not really here at all. Perhaps I'm really a ghost walking among other ghosts, and it is the real world where I want to fit in. Perhaps I'm just the oddity mama always said I was. But I think she's wrong.

But which is it? Am I crazy? Am I in control of my own head? Where has my mind slowly been trying to run away to?

Perhaps I'm merely sleeping, and soon I will awake to a world of possibilities. Perhaps the dream world is real and this world is a forgery of what is real.

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