Visio Sonis: Land of Confusion, Genesis; Disturbed | Fort Collins, CO Fine Art Photographer - Darah Soria
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[Fort Collins Fine Art Photographer]+[Obscurities] - River Monster -

I'm a monster. I'm ugly like mama said, and I'm afraid of who I'm becoming. Still only a child and I know my final destination will be like Philip's. Perhaps, though, I won't use a shotgun. I'll use the water. I'll float away like the Little Mermaid and turn to sea foam. The river awaits its newest monster to be damned to hell. It is all that stands between this and world and the next. Perhaps it is here where I will find my place. A place where I am free to learn and free to become me. Not the ugly alien mama claims me to be.. but the beautiful, sinister me that Philip said I should be.

Obscuritieswaterriver monsterfine artphotographerfort collins