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[Fort-Collins]+[Fine-Art-Photographer] Obscurities - The Letter

Obscurities "The Letter" - Fort Collins Fine Art Photographer Project

"Hello, cruel world:

It wasn't your fault. It wasn't mom's fault, or dad's. It's my own fault. I am a sinner. I didn't want to take a girl to prom. I wanted to take my boyfriend to prom. Satan has selected me. I am filthy the way Pastor Ron tells me that I am. If you ask me, Satan isn't such a bad guy for helping me feel loved for the first time in my life. Mom didn't love me. She yells at me and she yells at the little kids in the house. Dad beats us with a belt. How then, if the eleven rules of the earth tell us it is never okay to hurt little children, is Satan wrong and God right? Why is it okay for Pastor Ron to beat me until I have no choice but lie and say that I will only go out with girls from now on? It's my faut that I am choosing this path. I choose this path, because I chose a life of sin and I have chosen a death of sin. I loved Fernando and he loved me too. Shouldn't that have been enough for everyone? For us to feel contentment?

To Fernando: I will run through hell with you when you are ready. Forget God. Forget religion. I love you. Live long. Run away from these unfulfilling monsters and join the monsters which support our autonomy and love for one another.

To the kids: This family shuns knowledge. It shuns critical thinking and uniqueness. Don't ever let mom and dad tear you away from your true self. Don't ever let ANYONE tear you away from your true self. You are perfectly you. You are you. You are beautiful.

With Love,

"So goodbye, cruel world.
I'm leaving you today.
Goodbye.. goodbye.. goodbye.
Goodbye, all you people.
To make me change my mind

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