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events & pr - product & storefront - professional headshots
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boom! headshots.

i take pictures of people and the stuff that matters to them

Oh, hai! Thanks for checking out my work. I'm sure you're expecting a bit of humble bragging, but don't worry: I'm just going to avoid that altogether unless you really want to read about me.

I offer services to other businesses including professional headshots, pr & events,  product & storefront pictures.

fine art projects 

Besides providing b2b services, I enjoy taking pictures simply for the sake of taking pictures. That is work that includes fine arts techniques which I have learned over the course of my educational and real world experiences behind the lens. 

new! : obscurities

Obscurities is a dark-themed photography project which I have felt free to express myself and simply demonstrate the fine art techniques I have learned over the years. I've spent about 5 years on this project collectively where I've learned to just enjoy myself sometimes. It's somewhat of a story, but its context is vague in areas as I am not a tell-all kind of gal. I appreciate all who have offered me constructive criticism, their time and their beautiful faces to create this series.

: visio sonis :

she has a girlfriend now

land of confusion

strawberry fields forever

Visio sonis is Latin in its origin and essentially means "the vision sounds" or "visual sounds." The project was named this, because each collection of photographs represents lyrics to different songs that I have enjoyed over the years. While photography is my go-to form of art, I am also an avid singer and music buff. There is seldom a time in which I do not have my headphones in. 


[48 hour film race: denver
director of photography]


During my time as a photographer, I have been privileged enough to work with individuals in the film industry. Among my favorites thus far has been Michael Hyon Johnson (usually under the pseudonym Harabek), whom I have filmed competitively with for the 48 Hour Film Race and the 24 Hour Film Race. 

After making it into the top 15 for 2014, Michael founded Bad Pixel Productions which has grown into a collective of 320 filmmakers, actors, editors, producers and others with a knack or interest in cinematography.

You can check out more of his work on his website:

I have so far contributed to a total of 4 films in film races and I am excited to get back into it for 2019! Get at me if you want to not only collaborate, but WIN.

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